Hitaxi Kalaria's DREU 2010 webpage

Week1: Jun 14 - Jun 20

On Monday, I met with Prof. Li and was introduced to the Math and Computer Science department. On Thursday I attended my first meeting for the Database and Informatics Research Group. At the meet, I met some grad students and Courtney (a DREU student) also hosted by Prof. Li. We talked about graduate schools and PhD programs which was very interesting. I also had a small chat with James Gardner who is currently developing the HIDE application. HIDE is a Django application, so James suggested that I should read up on Django to understand the application. I started my work by reading two HIDE project papers. My goal was to understand the HIDE project framework.

Besides work, I walked around the University on my lunch breaks to learn more about the place. I also figured out how to ride MARTA, public transport I use to get to Emory and other places. Emory has its own Cliff shuttles, but those only go in and around campus and some places off campus. MARTA and Cliff have made my commute easy!