Hitaxi Kalaria's DREU 2010 webpage

Week6: Jul 19 - Jul 25

More readings this week. I read a paper on l-diversity paper. The paper proposes l-diversity principle to address the weakness of k-anonymity principle. I also read a survey paper on differential privacy by Cynthia Dwork. At this point, after reading about few privacy preserving mechanisms I now have a much better understanding about the importance of the problem of data publishing while preserving privacy.

On Thu, Prof. Li took us out for lunch at a Thai-Malaysian restaurant for welcoming a new student Yonghui to Emory and congratulating James for accepting a job offer. I had some really interesting conversations with Yonghui and Liyue about grad schools. The food was great too and was much better than I expected as it was my first time trying Thai food.