Summer 2008 DMP Project at Brown

I have the results, now what?

So I now have all the results for the bridges (well some of them, I stopped the script, it was taking way too long...). Not quite sure how they measure up, but I think I can start writing/making some conclusions now. I am not sure if they are good or bad though. :\


Its August? What now?

I really can't believe its August. It seems like just a little while ago it was... June. Whoops, I guess the 'J' months sort of blended together. :) I have finished organized my files and am working on the final paper. Its crazy how bad I am at writing... I really can't piece this thing together. Don't know how to describe anything. I need all the practice I can get before I do publishable papers... Will attempt to finish the paper by Wednesday so I can edit it. I know it won't be published, but I really want it to sound good at least...