Summer 2008 DMP Project at Brown

Odd achivement of the week: I made a 5 GB text file...

So I have started combatting the bridges. Wrote/ran script for making bridges yesterday. It would have been really easy, except that... there are so many wires in the circuit that when I made a bridge between all of the wires, the bridge file was... 5 GB in size. Thats a little insane... I managed to bring it down to 2.7 GB when I found I was being redundant, but still. It doesn't actually make sense to put bridges between ever one of the wires, because they wouldn't have a bridge between them if they are on opposite sides of the circuit... but how do I tell the distance. Stella, the masters student, is working on that problem, but it isn't ready yet. Not sure which bridges to be considered, but as is, it is a little crazy. The huge file naturally doesn't load, I found that the max size file that any text editor can handle is about 190 MB, so I separated the output of the bridges into about that size faults. So now what? Fastscan cannot load that many faults anyways... I set it running overnight on a part of them (10 out of 55 files...) so I'll see how that goes. Got to think about this one a bit.


Still not much progress on bridges

So instead of dealing with crazy size files that will never load, I got a list of wires within a certain distance from Stella. These are not all the wires in the circuit, but I thought it would be okay for now, as I look to see how they work. Worked on loading them into the circuit. That works. Well now the hard part: how to figure out if the vectors detect these bridges. I can run the vector files, even run them one at a time on the bridges... but which ones are detected? I know what the starting value passed in is, but what is it when it gets to the wire? Maybe fastscan has an option for outputting the value at a wire? Because I don't see how I could write logic to get to that point in the circuit... Will think of this.