Summer 2008 DMP Project at Brown

Still waiting for bridges....

I hate waiting for the program to run... it takes forever! I thought it would finish over the weekend, but it overloaded so I came back to find no data, when I was so excited to move on... Now I have tried to start it running twice today, and both have overloaded/frozen/something. Hoping the one running now will work... I hate waiting!


Can't seem to wrap my mind around this concept

So I have a large list of non-feedback bridges. I also found what wires are stuck at what values for which faults (before I only knew the information about the pins). Now... I need to find if the bridge faults are being detected. I thought I did it correctly before with the algorithm of : (for and) if wire A stuck at zero is detected, and B is zero, then fault is detected, and so on, but I don't think it is working correctly. I am not sure if I should approach the problem from the POV of the faults I had before (as at some times the wire is stuck at zero, and at other times, its stuck at 1, or approach it from an overall perspective. Will be talking to Professor Dworak about it today. Meanwhile, I'll work on coming up with a more random selection of bridges from my previous script.