Summer 2008 DMP Project at Brown

Its been 10 weeks?

In some ways, I can't believe its been 10 weeks. Summer has flown and dragged in different ways. Its interesting how time flies... you can't stop it. You look forward, or dread something, yet it will always come. Can't do anything about it. Time will keep moving no matter what you do. Well, this isn't a philosophy internship, so I'll stick to whats going on. :)

So far at 8 pages of the final report. Looks like it will be around 12 pages maybe? Not sure. I hate writing. Such writers block. It is also not as technical as it should be... but its hard to make myself write in a technical fashion when I know this isn't publishable data. Hopefully one day I can do some research that can get published... oh dreams. :)



So... its all done! I've finished the final report. I've looked over website... its all finished! I've even finished packing! (!!) Its crazy... its all over! Its been a great summer. I've learned a lot, not only for research, but about myself. I got to learn about a new field, and practice my scripting. I also got to learn how to live in a different city, and explore around. Its sad to leave... but I'll treasure the memories! Thanks to everyone who made this such a great summer. :) Thanks for reading! :) Adios!