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Welcome to **My Blog-- Week 1**

Week One!

I arrived at UNCC Monday afternoon. My faculty supervisor, Dr. Barnes , had picked me up from the airport and took me on a tour around Charlotte, the Queen City. After that we headed to campus housing at the Laurel Hall where I am staying for the next 10 weeks! I had met Michelle Chanberlain, my first roommate that had arrived to UNCC a day before I have. Michelle is a nice educated and easy going girl that loves to read and enjoys underground bands' music. This summer being her second year in the DMP program, Michelle had helped answer any questions my friends and I had concerning the program.

On my first day, I was introduced to our first task along with my teammate Jasamine that happens to live in Lauren Hall right across from my apartment. Jasamine and I were first introduced to a general idea of what it is we will be doing this summer. Our grad student supervisor, Evie Powell, broke our tasks down a bit and explained that we must first be fairly acquainted with Java. Therefore, we have been reading a bunch and looking up tutorials. She informed us that as a part of her plan, we will be quizzed once a week about a chapter in a book that was provided to us via pdf.  Keeping up to date with homework and reading is the smartest thing anyone can do that joins this program. Yes! there is a lot of work involved but we also know how to have fun and find the time too.

First NetBean project was your normal "Hello World" project. After that we were asked to follow a tutorial provided by Evie to build simple "Number Addition" calculator. We were asked after that to figure out a way to transform this java appication to an applet that can be viewed on an HTML page. and here it is!

As a part of our weekly plans, every Thursday at 4:00 p.m., we are required to do a presentation. This presentation includes a weekly plan, the readings of that week, the tasks, what was accomplished, and what are the plans for next week. The readings are publications that relate to our projects that have to be evalulated and then presented, and summarized in a paragraph that Dr. Barnes reviews. Click here to view my presentation.

We are required to be at the Game lab 9 a.m.-5 p.m. We also get an hour break in which Dr. Barnes, Michelle, Jasamine, Evie, Amanda, Michael and I go out to lunch. Last three are all grad student supervisors. We eat and talk then come back to the game lab all refreshed with an appetite for more learning. By the end of the day we call it a night and go home to sit and relax and do whatever it is we want.

I will leave you for now but I'll  be back for more! I PROMISE! ;)