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What are we doing this summer?


The CSDT Dance Tool is a dance choreography tool that is situated around youth/pop culture. With this tool, the user will script popular dance moves together in unique sequences and share them with a community.

While playing with dance choreography the students are learning fundamental programming concepts. Our motivation for creating this application comes from the problem of declining enrollments in computer science courses in most universities. We’ve noticed that most people lose their interest in computing in their high school years. We hope that by creating a tool that is engaging, incapable of crashing, and offering immediate visual gratification, we can help to fight the stereotypes of computing being boring, non creative, and socially stifling, and generally unappealing.

The tool is intended to be used in a high school computer programming course in an attempt to increase motivation and diversity in computing. The project application requires three main features that we will work on making functional this summer. For the summer we intend to have a working version of the tool and start player testing on the resulting application.**


**Powell, Evie. CSDT Research Blog. . Accessed June 06,08.