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Hi, my name is Kwame Martin. I am currently a rising senior at Norfolk State University, earning my B.S. in Computer Science. I am due to graduate in May of 2011. 

From the age of fifteen years old, I have been ever so fascinated by the world of computers and science technology. I was always excited to participate in computer-based activities, competitions, and fairs to represent my high school and be more engaged in the field. I see Computer Science as the driver’s license for the car one needs to drive in to the future. Everything today is computer-based or oriented. Even modern day toilets and urinals have computer controlled flushing operations, for those of us who forget to flush. The Computer Science field and industry is highly diverse, demanding and in need of pioneers and driven new, young minds. I plan to impact this industry by applying my passion for the field, and my skills and developed talents, to aid in the research and development of breakthroughs in the speedily expanding world of Computer Science.

I am truly especially interested in CS research in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Computer-Human Interaction, Graphics and Visualization, and Programming Languages and Compilers. So far I have only one research project and I am very excited about having another such research experience which can give me a deeper more hands on scenario pertaining to my major of study.

Current Role: Visiting Robotics Researcher @ Brown University

Email: k.j.martin@spartans.nsu.edu

Current projects:

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