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Week 10: Aug. 20th

posted Aug 13, 2010 3:04 PM by Kwame Martin   [ updated Oct 17, 2010 4:33 PM ]
This week I'm wrapping up, getting packed & ready to leave Providence, RI. I had an invaluable learning experience here at Brown University. I am very grateful for the DREU giving me this opportunity to intern here with the Brown Robotics Lab team. It was very inspiring to hear the logic and thought process of PhD's and graduate students as they helped me with my difficulties and project's shortcomings. My mentor Dr. Jenkins is an awesome individual that I will definitely be keeping in contact with and probably be asking for a letter of recommendation in the near future. I really wanna thank CRA & DREU for having such a wonderful program for undergraduates. I couldn't have spent my summer better. I got to see a new state & be educated at the same time.