Week 7

During the seventh week we were able to test our project locally. it runs just like it's supposed to. The workflow sends the stage-in request to the data placement service, the data placement service transfers the files, and the workflow continues once it sees that the files have been transfered successfully. Of course, now that we have it working we need to use actual workflows, like the astronomy application montage, and run these workflows on a remote grid. Much of this week was spent realizing that getting that stuff to run will take a lot of work. First off, we had to reinstall some stuff because we had installed a version that wouldn't work for running on a grid. Then we had to work through all the issues caused by running on a grid, including permissions and other security concerns. As of the end of this week, we've been able to run one small, unmodified, workflow on one of ISI's local grids.

I also met a number of new people this week, one being a high school student who's interning in the building. She wanted to know what college was like so a number of us got together with her at lunch to talk. I also went to a movie showing at the Hammer Museum and hung out with Sam and his roommates afterwards.