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My Final Report

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gir with a piggyExplanation for 5th graders - I create video game worlds for engineers to test their robots. These worlds match up with the job that the robot performs.



Am I serious?Explanation for everyone else- The robotics community has recently been introduced to Microsoft Robotics Studio, a solution for placing virtual robots into virtual environments. This solution comes as a godsend to the Georgia Tech HumAns Lab, that seeks to move their simulations into more realistic three-dimensional environments. This summer, I'm kinda like Noah, building the arc on which we will journey to this new and better world...

screen shot of my workExplanation for those that found the last explanation ridiculous and uninformative
- Seriously though, I create virtual environments for engineers to perform robot simulations using Microsoft Robotics Studio. In my first environment, robots will be able to perform search and rescue operations within the environment I create, I will also set up the services neccesary for users to communicate and control their robots using generic robot protocols.

Because Microsoft Robotics Studio is new and unexplored, the challenges that I face and document over the summer will be helpful for any researcher hoping to use Microsoft Robotics Studio as their solution. Ideally, my work will also tackle some of the challenges posed with creating virtual robots as prototypes for physical robots or creating useful and accurate simulations.

Update: Looks like now, Dr. Howard has decided to take my research one step further by making my research a full-fledged serious game (woohoo! now we're moving into my territory). This game will target beginner roboticians (middle school aged), exposing them to the basics of working with robots in a realistic setting. Stay tuned as I learn more about this project and what my new mission is designed to accomplish.



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