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My Final Report

About Me

me waiting patiently for my Miso Ramen...Eve (Evie) Powell

University of North Carolina-Charlotte
B.S. in Computer Science 2007(currently awaiting acceptance into CS Masters program)

Evie (that's me) recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. She completed her minor in Japanese and a concentration in Game Design. She's worked on many game iniatives at UNC-Charlotte. In a nutshell, here is what Evie's been doing for the past year.

IGDA GDC Scholarship Winner- Best gamers experience ever... I'm obsessed with finding a way to go back next year.

CRA-DMP (Distributed Mentor Project 2006-2007)- the objective of DMP is to increase the number of women entering graduate studies in the fields of computer science and engineering. This highly selective program matches promising undergraduate women with a faculty mentor for a summer research experience at the faculty member's home institution.

UNCC- REU- Research Experience for Undergraduates at UNCC was an intense 8-week summer research experience. I had the opportunity to work with an experienced faculty member, peers with similar interests, participate in a GRE prep tutorial class, and receive a stipend.

Hallym Program Lab Assistant(2005-2006)- Work with a group of 16 - 20 Undergraduate students from Hallym University (South Korea). The program was five weeks long and required that each team build a complete game in 3d GameStudio by the end of the course. This was my second year on this project.

Nihon Club President- I've been president of a culture/interest organization at UNCC for one year. As president I've brought many Japanese culture activities and learning opportunities to UNCC campus such as a Taiko team, organizing game nights with other clubs/organizations, Karaoke nights, Hanasoukai meetings, and end of year celebrations for Japanese language classes.

Stars Alliance- the objective of STARS Alliance is to increase the participation of women, under-represented minorities, and persons with disabilities in computing disciplines through multi-faceted interventions focused on the influx and progression of students from middle school through graduate school in programs that lead to computing career. Through the STARS alliance I have started another student organization at UNCC called Gamers Alliance.

Gamer's Alliance President/Founder- the gamer's alliance is an attempt to increase interest/diversity in computer science by introducing the "fun" side of computing to uncc students and other communities. The club is both an interest/enthusiasts club as well as a developers club. My goal is to create an environment that helps game developers find partners/teammates for their own creative projects, inspire creative individuals to learn the tools/concepts necessary to make games, as well as point developers in the right direction towards finding a dream job. On the other hand, gamer's alliance is also there to help other diversity initiatives (especially within STARS) to bring in a larger audience by luring people with cool video games.

Game Learning Lab Assistant- I currently work with Dr. Tiffany Barnes on the Game2Learn project. My job is to create games that teach computer science theory and then test them on computer science students. Other responsibilities include going to syposiums, conferences, writing papers, making posters, making presentations, etc....

Grace Hopper Conference 2006- Amazing opportunity to connect with the few female computer scientist in the world. The GHC was both inspiring and informative.

SIGGRAPH Sandbox Symposium 2006- Of course I won the Guitar Hero competition at the Sandbox Symposium. Also took home the gold with the Karaoke Revolotion tourny as well. Came in second with the DDR competition though (grrrr...) Oh! And... yes... the panel discussions were kool as well...

IEEE VR Conference 2006- I was there. It was awesome.

SIGGRAPH Sandbox Symposium 2007- I'm a volunteer this go round! Sweeeeeet.

Here's some other stuff I'm doing/did...

Intercultural Office (Program Assistant)
Intercultural Office (Social Events Coordinator)
International Office Driver (only between semesters)
Game2Learn Senior Project
Kuroshio Taiko Team member
Greys Bookstore Sales Associate (Seasonal)

Last term classes:
Introduction to AI
Game Design and Development (capstone class) - go to http://chaos.uncc.edu/GDDS2007/NoSolution for more information.
Music Appreciation (what? it helps me relax...)

A more up-to-date skill set:

Game Producer/Developer. Currently creating game using XNA Game Studio Express. RPG Maker Fiend. Familiar with 3d GameStudio (TA for 3dGS summer class). Fluent in C++/Java/Ruby. Competent in C and C#. Good with various scripting languages. Musician/Sound Engineer/Producer. Forever super kooly awesome DDR skills. As a result of my DDR goodness, I easily picked up Guitar Hero (recently beat FreeBird on Expert, muahahaha!), Taiko Drum Master, Amplitude, Frequency, ParaPara, etc. Expert at shameless self-promotion. ^^

To be continued...

website: http://webpages.uncc.edu/~empowell



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Created: June 22, 2007
Photography: Evie Powell