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My Final Report

My Final Report

Finally, I have posted my final report. You may view my report here:



MARS2020 is a futuristic game/simulation that’s purpose is to introduce middle and high school students to the fundamentals of robotics. The game employs high quality, realistic graphics, a believable storyline and high paced missions that keeps the game engaging, despite the complexities of the game. MARS2020 is to be developed using Microsoft Robotics Studio. MARS2020 draws from the successes and failures of various academic projects that intended to teach advanced problem-solving skills and/or programming concepts through a computer simulation or a serious game. By exposing our target audience to basic engineering concepts in game, we hope to inspire learning as well as a enthusiasm of engineering and robotics. Though still in its design and beginning implementation phases, MARS2020 looks to be an attractive method of encouraging children and young adults to pursuing an education in engineering.




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