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My Final Report


August 23, 2007 So hard to say goodbye...to yesterday~~~~

Welp,time to send wrap it. I had a wonderful summer. Thank you to everyone that made this program possible. This was definitely a learning experience that I'll never forget.

July 12, 2007 Too ambitious

Nevermind. I'm much too busy to tinker with dynamic content. It was a great idea though!

June 22, 2007 Website is online!
Hi! This is Evie checking in... So I finally got the website up. Now I'm working on making the website more dynamic, but I've never really played with server side development before (don't laugh, I just never got around to it). So for the next week or so, the website will be slowly incorporating PHP elements. Stay tuned. Until then, enjoy my initial web design in all of its static glory.



Webmaster: Evie Powell
Created: June 22, 2007
Photography: Evie Powell