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   "Dramatic and continuous changes in architecture require that the next generation of compilers be more powerful, flexible, and reusable in order to achieve high performance before the target architecture is obsolete. The Scale compilation system is designed to meet this challenge."        -Scale Home Page

           Scale is a compiler for C, written in Java. My task, together with Katie Coons, another DMP participant partnered with Professor McKinley, is to write a PowerPC backend for the Scale compiler, and if time permits, to optimize it as much as possible.


                  My goals for the summer is of course to learn as much as I can. The working ennvironment so far has been awesome, and the group of graduate students here are great. I am looking forward to working alongside them, and of course this summer will provide me with an excellent example of what graduate school is like.
                 Also, I am planning on writing an honors thesis next year, in both math and CS. I hope that at least some of my work this summer will lend itself or contribute in some way, to my CS thesis.

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