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              My name is Julia Gilinets, and I am a senior at the University of California, Berkeley. I am a double major of Computer Science and (pure) Mathematics. In CS my interests are compilers and theory, and in math they are abstract algebra and set theory.

              I also love teaching, especially mathematics. I work for Kaplan's K12 program, which is a program designed to improve the math and reading skills of under-privileged kids. This program currently uses two different approaches - the first is teaching students in a classroom setting both math and language arts. The second approach, the one I use in the school that I work with, is a lab atmosphere, where each student works on a computer, using math and reading software that Kaplan provides.
               I have found Kaplan's math software to be a wonderful tool for the kids - they are often learning without even realizing it, and the progress they make throughout the program is clearly evident. I think that one day I might consider combining my love for CS, math, kids, and teaching to expand on this idea.

                As for my spare time, I enjoy reading, games (card games, board games, chess, etc.), and tennis. Still, if I have a spare moment, you will usually find me curled up with some book.

                       And of course, no story about me is complete without ........ 

  ..... my partner in crime -
congratulations on your graduation
  from Berkeley!!!!!! Luv you!!!!!

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