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           The DMP summer program is a 10 week opportunity  of a lifetime for an undergrad - however, there are many logistics involved with preparing for such an opportunity. The main example is when you are placed at a university that is not somewhere you have ever been to as well as somewhere where you have no way of visiting before arriving there for those 10 weeks. This creates a situation where you have to find yourself a place to live without ever having been there.
             This was the main problem for me.  On that note I have two important pieces of advise: one, there is nothing more important than being as close to campus as possible, and even to the building you will be working in, if known in advance (just ask the Professor you are to work with). This is because the one thing that you are certain about for those 10 weeks before actually starting to live them is that you will be working with your professor in that building. The second piece of advise is to try as hard as you can to visit the place that you will be spending the summer in, and take a tour of all the places that you are considering living in (after doing ample research ahead of time, of course, and narrowing down the choices). I cannot say how important that is - internet pictures, brochures - these can all be deceiving. Bottom line is that to have the best experience that you can have you have to be happy with where you will be living, unless you are fine with leaving it up to luck.
               Once you have figured all of that out, find out what is provided for you and what is not - pillows, sheets, blankets, internet costs, etc.
                Finally, most importantly, get prepared for an amazing summer!

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