The Plot

We are working with the Aerospace Enginnering Department to create a region detection algorthim to help identify certain structures in turbulent air flow. When I first arrived here this summer, the project had already been underway for a while, so my main job was to build upon the algorithm already present, to increase its robustsness. My work has been focused on the areas of extracting regions of Reynolds Shear Stress and Swirl, as well as creating a proximity detection algorithm to assist in joining packets. I also provided output files to Tim and the Aerospace department with requested information.

Brief project summary:

In turbulent air flow, different kinds vortices and structures exist. Aerospace researchers have theorized the existence of a certain kind of structure called a hairpin. Imagine a cylinder of spinning air bent like a horseshoe traveling along in the airflow. That's what we are trying to identify in the data provided. Once we have created this region detection algorithm and handed off to the Aerospace people, they will attempt to use it to study these vorticies, when they occur, and how.

Algorithm Summary:

The algorithm we use has many different parts.

  1. Vorticity patch detction and Maintenance
  2. Region Detection
  3. Packet Detection and Maintence
  4. Proximity Detection
  5. Swirl and ReyShear Extraction
  6. Statistics compliation

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