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Victoria Interrante

My mentor - a computer science professor in the visualization and graphics area. She was very busy this summer with lots of conferences, so we didn't see her very often, but when we did she had some good ideas and was fun to talk to. Apparently she has horses at her house. She was excited when she found out one of the was pregnant. I even saw her son eating ice cream once. It was a mixed cone. Chocolate Chip, and Mint. That's what he told me.



Margaret Richey

My fellow DMPer - a senior computer science/math major at Rockhurst University in Kansas City. Likes to Play volleyball, which is great, because I do too. We had lots of fun together, and could get pretty loud in the Lab. I think some of our lab-mates may be glad to experience the quiet after we leave. I also like to annoy Margaret. It is quite fun to sit on the desk next to her computer and ajust the height of her chair with my foot, or to mess with the volume on her headset. Sticking stuff down her glasses was quite fun too. (I couldn't do that all summer because her glasses broke playing volleyball and she had to wear contacts for the rest of summer. She did keep trying to fix her glasses. And she did. Just to break 'em later that day.) PURPLE BIKE!!!!!


Homepage: She's got one of these (DMP page) too, but I don't know what the address is yet...

Tim Urness

Vicki's grad student - He's fun. I wish we had just hung out with him more. He went to Mexico for two weeks with his church youth group, and then I was gone the week after that, so it hasn't been untill these last two weeks that we've started to get more comfortable around him. He was great about showing us the ropes and such, and going through all the account/network/key red tape with us. He was very mother hennish to us at the beginning, but after Mexico, he wasn't. Meant we couldn't call him mother hen..... we were looking forward to that. Darn. DON'T WALK WITH WET SHOES!!!

Email: or


Ellen Longmire

Aerospace professor - She was cool, gave me some good direction with respect to the physical, helping me not forget that i'm not working with random data, but real data representing real life. I didn't see her at all except the meetings, but I did notice that she is a lefty.


Bharathram G

Aerospace grad student - We know him as Bugs. He doesn't like getting up early. That's why we never meet before 10:00 am. Of all the aerospace people, I had the most contact with Bugs. When questions came up in the middle of coding, or such, I would email him. I also would send him some of my results mid-week. He would also email me sometimes to ask for certain results.


Ivan Marusic

Aerospace professor - Saw him the least of all of the people involved. He travled bunches and bunches this summer. He has a cool accent though.


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