Sanity Breaks: What we did for fun


Centennial (our dorm) has a great sand court out back, and we played there multiple times a week. Met lots of great people, and got very very very very very sandy. Sand in ears, eyes, nose, mouth, hair, everywhere.

Many thanks to Margaret, Elmer, Xavier, Christian, Andy, Tony, Ceasar, Emily, Asha, Caroline, Alice, Kevin, Mable, Jeremy, Rufus, Justeen, and September who played multiple times. (You could think of it as a thanks for ever time you came out...). Thanks to all of the sports camp people who played with us once, and I'll even forgive all the people who didn't come out. ::big grin::

Shakespear in the Park

We saw both Twelth Night and Midsummer's Night Dream. They were put on by different companies, and both were lots of fun. (though we did miss Sir Toby's eyebrows the second time around)

Jackie Chan

Watched lots of Jackie Chan Movies!

  • Who am I? (great car chase scene)
  • First Strike (best fight scene - with the ladder)
  • Project A "Holy Smokes. Do you see what i see?" "the Sexy one's mine. She's hot!".... )
  • Dragon's Forever (I think this may be my favorite....)
  • Gorgeous
  • Supercop (Michele Yeoh rocks too)
  • Rush Hour 2
Good old Jackie - no plot, bad dialouge, great fighting.

Kayaking on Lake Superior

Talk about a long day. Leaving Centennial at 5 am, and driving up to the north shore. We stopped at bunches of state parks, played in the Gooseberry Falls, (and fell in there too). Got all the way up to Tofte, and then kayaked from a bit after 1 to 6. We figure we went 10 miles. Margaret fell in trying to get in the kayak. But my camera batteries were dead, so I didn't get a picture. Got back to Centennial at 11:30 were we promptly crashed. Twas a fun (exhausting) day!


I had to introduce Margaret to the Joys of watching Buffy. Spike has a soul! We only watched a couple of episodes cause we were too busy doing other things, but it was fun none the least... Man she gets riled up about stuff... You'd think it was a horror movie!

Explored the Twin Cities

I had my car up here so we went exploring (though not always in my car....). Got lost too. It's a nice place up here, lots of parks. Which I like. Parks mean green. And I like green.


Found some Lacrosse clinics and free play places put on by the park system. The field was short, most of the people hadn't played before, and I was REALLY out of shape, but it was still great fun. I'm gonna miss it when I leave...

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