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DREU Blog: Week 8

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Monday July 12th

Another week-long beginner workshop started today. These teachers seem to be moving more quickly through the tutorials. That is probably because it is a slightly smaller group this time.

Tuesday, July 13th

This was the second day of the workshop. The teachers got to spend some time working on their own worlds. I think this definitely helped them to learn how to use Alice.

Wednesday, July 14th

More tutorials today. The teachers presented the worlds that they had been working on. This was fun to see. Some of them were pretty creative. I presented the headshots tutorial. This time we had photos on a flashdrives for them to use so it was a little quicker getting started than last time. Liz, Jenna, and I presented at lunch today as well. We each just showed one world that we had done. I showed my cooking world.

Thursday, July 15th

Today we started teaching some of the more advanced concepts. The teachers really seem to be starting to get the hang of things

Friday, July 16th

Today was the last day of the workshop. I presented the lists tutorial which shows you how to put ninjas in a list so they can all perform the same actions. I also presented my game of catch tutorial. That was the first time doing a tutorial that I made on my own. This was helpful because I learned which parts I needed to explain more.

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