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DREU Blog: Week 7

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Tuesday, July 6th

Today was the first day of a new two day advanced workshop. Only two people showed up for it. One was a Math and CS teacher and the other was a science teacher. I showed them the worlds I have been working on. Professor Rodger also went through some tutorials

Wednesday, July 7th

Today was the second day of the workshop. When I wasn't helping or presenting I worked on another math world that I've started. It is an idea that I got from the Book "Math Doesn't Suck", a targeted at junior high girls that struggle with math. It tries to use example problems that girls can relate to. The one I am doing uses bags of pearls to explain variables and a scale to solve an algebra problem.

Thursday, June 24th

Today there was a social networking workshop that Professor Rodger, Liz, Jenna and I went to. Many attending people presented some ideas they have been working on. Here are some of the topics discussed:
1)Analyzing data from twitter
2)Infectious diseases
3)Object oriented introduction using Facebook (data structures to make a friend tree)
4)Representing probability of poker hands to teach programming
5)Analyzing the changes of website (as opposed to seeing what's happening right now)
6)Node Excel - graphical displays of networks such as twitter, senators

Friday, July 25th

Today was the second day of the networking workshop. More people presented their research. There was also some time spent when the teachers could discuss curriculum ideas.

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