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About Alice

Students start thinking about their future careers at a very young age. There is a small number of people who choose computer science since they do not usually have experience with anyone in that field. The goal of teaching Alice in K-12 is to get kids exposed to programming at a young age in a way that interests them. Alice is a 3D environment used to teach student the basics of programming. Code in Alice is in an English structure. For example, "girl move forward one meter" would be a line of code that does just what it says. It uses a drag and drop interface to avoid the frustration of syntax errors. Alice can also be used to teach many other subjects. Teachers can create an Alice world which tells a story for a Literature or History course. They can also create a quiz or game for other subjects such as Math, Language, etc.

We have several workshops this summer. We are showing teachers from nearby schools how to use Alice in the classroom for a variety of subjects. I have been helping at those workshops. I am also creating my own tutorials and sample worlds to present.