Week Eight: July 6 - July 9

From last week meeting, we decided to drop the Patents dataset because the patents have different citation behavior from the scientific papers. We also dropped DBLP dataset because the number of citations available to be analyzed is not sufficient. In this week meeting, I presented the result of normalizing gamma and alpha parameters for Arxiv Hepph dataset. The result is encouraging, so Professor Lerman assigned me to continue working on parameter normalization for two more datasets, which are Arxiv-th and APS Physicla Reviews.

I finished analyzing Arxiv-th dataset at the end of the week, and spent some time writing a report on it. I was hoping to have APS Physical Reviews dataset analyzed by the end of next week.

Lessons Learned:
1) Use log x when dealing with a very large number that could cause buffer overflow.

Congratulations to Spain on the World Cup Final! I was very happy that Spain finally made it for the first time in the history. My friend and I went to celebrate at Korea Town. We had great dinner at an awesome Korean restaurant brought to us by Yelp!