Below is an excerpt of my proposal. Please download the PDF to see the entire proposal.


For my research project, I will research and implement a heat map. The implementation will involve using hashRF to create a distance matrix. A distance matrix assigns a value based on how different two trees are from each other. A higher number means there are more differences. I will upload the distance matrix and color coordinate it based on the values in the matrix. I will also make the heat map interactive so that trees can be moved around. The idea is that by using colors and manipulation patterns that were previously undetectable might become more obvious.

The heat map produces a colored representation of the distances between given trees. A higher number in a distance matrix would indicate more differences between to trees and therefore, a darker color on the heat map. The distance matrix lists the trees arbitrarily. So my program is going to allow the user to move the columns and rows to see if a pattern emerges. It will also allow people to zoom into specific areas of the map. Once these features have been implemented, I will add additional features that I think might be useful.

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