Quick Facts

School: Wright State University, Dayton, OH
Department: Computer Science and Engineering
Degree: B.S. in Computer Science
Grade: Senior
Graduation Date: 06/2010
E-mail: timmerman.16@wright.edu


Katie Timmerman is a junior at Wright State University. She is currently working towards her undergraduate degree with honors in Computer Science where she is ranked among the top in her class with a GPA of 3.905. Katie is a recipient of the Trustee's Scholarship at Wright State University, the February 2009 Dayton Defense Contractors Student of the month, and the 2008-2009 Outstanding Computer Science Student.

Katie has been very involved within the College of Engineering and Computer Science since she started at Wright State University. As the President of the Women in Computing Club, she hosted events in professional development and events to encourage junior high and high school students to pursue a technical degree. As the President and Founder of the Building Society, Katie worked on miscellaneous building events, including building a set for a play hosted at Wright State and making a trebuchet that could throw an 8 pound bowling ball 250 feet. Katie has also held the position of chairman on the Dean's Student Advisory Board, Vice President of the Wright Engineering Council, a member of the Society of Women Engineers, a member of the Dean's Leadership Institute, and served as a Student Ambassador. Along with these activities, she is also currently working on a Database system for Tau Beta Pi and is attending weekly meetings with the Bioinformatics Research Group.

Since starting her degree at Wright State, Katie has held two internships. The first was at Lexmark in Lexington, KY where she had the opportunity to do some software development and testing on the printers. Her second internship was with Wright-Patterson Air Force Base where she worked as a civilian on the automation of test processes. Katie also worked in the programming helproom throughout the academic year. Katie spent a month studying abroad in Taiwan were she wrote a program to test the efficiency of a factory layout and resource allocation. Katie is currently at Texas A&M working on a phylogeny research project through the DREU program.

Kathleen Timmerman's Resume