The goal of this project is to create a user friendly, phylogeny heatmap viewing program. The program will allow the user to interact with the heatmap in hopes of discovering patterns that were previously unknown, allowing for the combining of several steps in finding the best tree, and, therefore, reducing the time needed to locate the best tree. The interactive features will also allow researchers emphasis an area so that it is easier to display and share information with other researchers.


I am interested in discovering a different area of Bioinformatics. Previously most of my experience in Bioinformatics has dealt with peak alignment issues. A goal is to discover if I am more interested in genetics or the species part of Bioinformatics.

I am also interested in completing a large project. Often during the school year, I only have the opportunity to implement smaller projects or a small part of a larger project due to time limitations. I am looking forward to completing this project.

Finally, I hope that this research project will give me a better understanding of what graduate school will be like and whether or not graduate school is something that I am interested in pursuing.