JOURNAL: WEEK 7               July 26 - Aug 1, 2009


This week has been full of Documenting. First I wrote my abstract, then I made my presentation, then I worked on my poster, now I am doing this journal, and I will be working on my final report before weeks end. Whenever I need a break I work on my program. It has finally hit me that the research experience is coming to an end. With that has come the stress trying to get everything finished. I am trying to stay optimistic about that.


This past weekend I returned to Ohio for my older sister's wedding. It was amazing. My speech turned out fantastic, which was a relief to me. My sister ended up married, and she also found out that she passed her nursing boards the day before she took her vows. Thank God she did not fail or that would have made the wedding a little less exciting. For those people interested in what weddings are like in small town Ohio, they involve a ceremony, bar hopping, dinner, and finally dancing. They are an all day event (weekend if you are a family member), and for my sister's wedding there were over five hundred invited guests. So basically they are a big deal. I had a phenomenal time, but spent all week recovering sleep from the festivities. Below is a picture of my siblings and myself.

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