JOURNAL: WEEK 3               June 28 - July 4, 2009


This week has been a pretty eventful week. My project actually got changed slightly. I will still be working on visualization of phylogenetic trees, but now instead of implementing a 3D tool to view and manipulate trees, I will be plotting neighborhoods in tree space. The reason for this change is due to the time that was being consumed in waiting on replies from Biologists. I am going to still compile the input I receive from Biologists, so hopefully Dr. Tiffani Williams can have someone finish the project. I an still finishing the new research plan, but I should have it posted next week.

The new project will use the Simple Local Search program, the hashRF program, and the hitMDS2 program. I will be creating a pipe for these three items and then plot the output of the neighborhood. Dr. Williams and myself are still working out the details on exactly what the program will do from there, so I will wait to comment on the rest until next week.


This week I participated at Disaster City. The scenario being practiced was a flight had just arrived from a country that was known to have an outbreak of a pandemic flu. I volunteered as a possible victim. Makeup and water was used to make me look flushed. Then as I was ushered about the tents, I had to cause problems for the medical personnel. I mean I was supposed to act how someone in that situation might realistically act. It was a lot of fun and something you should do if you ever get the chance. Its a great chance to meet a lot of different, interesting people. However, there are times when things go slow and you have nothing to do (after all it is a training facility and they need time to train), so I recommend bring a book.

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