JOURNAL: WEEK 1               June 14 - 20, 2009


This week was spent familiarizing myself with phylogeny and deciding what I wanted to do my research project on. A proposal was written up which can be viewed on the proposal page. Tiffani Williams was very good about working with me to determine a project that would fit my interests. She proposed several flexible options that I was able to tailor to my interests. I am currently looking into current phylogeny visualization programs to see what already exists and how they can be approved upon. I am also looking into the processing programming language to see if it would be the best language to program this project in. I am excited to begin the research project.


Texas is definitely warmer than what I am used to back in Ohio. However, it is also beautiful. Suzanne had been a tremendous help in getting all the initial set up stuff done. She has helped with everything from taking me to get an student ID to helping me with this website. So far there have been no major speed bumps in the day to day life done here at Texas A & M.

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