Week 8

  • This week, we started using a different approach involving a composition of multiple floating point numbers.
    • This approach is very similar to what was done in another work.
    • This work addressed numerical reproducibility and stability on multi-process systems.
    • We hope to extend their work for massively threaded GPU's.
  • We completed a first version prototype on the emulator in Matlab.
    • We've been able to use this to correct the drifting, but it was an order of magnitude slower.
    • However, with some manual optimizations, we've been able to reduce the slowdown to about 5.
  • Dr. Wenhua, a postdoctoral candidate for the group, visited and presented his recent research.
    • He is in computational chemistry, and his work was on multiscale simulations with a focus on chemical applications.
  • I went with Dr. Pollock and her students to Cherry Crest Corn Maze and Farm, a very nice family attraction in the farmlands of Pennsylvania.
    • I had a lot of fun. We enjoyed walking around a corn maze, playing with baby chicks, <sarcasm> and getting heavily rained on. </sarcasm>
    • A lady working there thought we were a family, and it was from this that I'm now called "Dad" by the other students.