Week 1

During my first week at the University of Delaware, I did the following:
  • I met with my supervisor, Dr. Taufer and with my peer-leader teammate, Philip.
  • I set up accounts on the machines in the lab.
  • I talked with my supervisor about:
    • The wiki (I will be keeping track of my progress, here.)
    • The journal (For the visitors of my web page)
    • And the project (Exactly how I am going to be kept busy)
  • I set up a layout for my web page.
  • I got some graphics for my web page.
  • I wrote a brief CV.
  • I populated my web page with content.
  • I had lunch with Dr. Pollock and her research group.
  • I updated my proposal
  • I attended the weekly meeting of the GCL group
    • Here, I worked on my elevator talk and introduced myself (who I am, what I do, and are my research interests)
  • I finished my web Site
    • I decided to create a python script that traversed my directory tree, reading in .page files with wiki-like tags and generated my web site.
  • I learned how to use SVN
    • Lifan, a Ph.D. student in the group, gave a very good presentation on SVN
  • I got my UD ID and packet
    • Now, I have internet access!