June 8, 2006

Week One - Thursday

I'm afraid this DMP journal probably won't be as verbose as last year's journal. I grew up in Southern California, so the "newness" factor that was at work in Raleigh isn't present here. To spare my readers from ennui, I'll likely be sticking to work-related entries for the foreseeable future.

Most of this week has been spent familiarizing myself with the Flickr APIs and sketching out a skeletal framework for the database. Taking into account factors such as the directed nature of contact lists and the ability to submit a photo to more than one pool, I've decided to go with a MySQL database employing many-to-many linking tables. As it turns out, Leah's going to be going back to the Bay Area next week, but she's going to be working on some of the scripting before she goes.

June 6, 2006

Week One - Tuesday

It's our second day at ISI, and Leah and I have settled in and started to work. We're going to be working on a project analyzing data obtained from the popular photography site Flickr. Our first task is to extract the information we'll be looking at using the Flickr APIs. Right now, we're designing a database to store the information and writing scripts to automate the retrieval process. Hopefully we can take care of this part relatively quickly and move on to the next step.