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The Basics

My full name is Emily Jane Tennant. I am currently 21 years of age (although most people refuse to believe that until I offer proof). I am a computer science student at Hope College in Holland, MI. However, I have a wide variety of intellectual interests as a math and spanish minor, as well as being a closet humanities lover. That's why I go to a small, liberal arts college. I love Hope. In the fall, I will be a senior. And the next year...who knows?

You can get ahold of me at

This web page is actually the first I've every really constructed by hand. So you are the benefactor of my learning-on-the-fly. As a certified non-computer-geek, you may wonder why I chose this major. Well, here goes:
A. I'm a practical person ($).
B. I'm a logical thinker.
C. I like to solve puzzles.
So that's what put me on my current path. I must admit that there is a seldom a dull moment in class, and it's cool to know that I'm in a field where I will never stop learning new things. Well, that, and there's nothing like the feeling when your code finally starts to work!

My favorite color of all-time has to be blue. I have 3 older siblings, and now 2 sister-in-laws, 1 brother-in-law, and one nephew as well. Although I have been known to succumb to the couch potato temptation and spend the weekend watching TV, I love to be outdoors. I enjoy hiking, backpacking, jogging, biking, swimming and just meandering. I also love a good book, so rainy days are okay, as well. I would rather be cold than hot, so I'm not sure I'm ready to commit to this North Carolina climate. I think snow is one of the most beautiful things in the world, just behind mountains. I drive a 2-door Ford Tempo with a stick shift and a speedometer that only goes up to 85. And at Hope, I live in a house named "Beeuwkes Cottage" with 5 other wonderful, crazy women (yes, that rhymes with mucus - don't look at me, I didn't pick it!). Click here to see a picture of the inside of our beautiful cottage. No that's not me or my housemates in the picture - fooled you, didn't I?

Here is the lovely Tennant family (minus my sister-in-law Cheryl, who wasn't a part of the family yet) at my brother Benjamin's wedding in July 2000. We don't all get together very often. :)

This is one of my host sister and I at a Chilean "asado" (check out the meat!) just before I finished my semester studying in Santiago, Chile (June 2001). Notice the variations in hair length -- proof of my views on hair-styling.

So, you're still reading. You must really want to know, "Who is Emily Tennant?"

Fun Facts About Emily

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