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Join me for a virtual, visual tour of my ten weeks at Duke University.
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Welcome to Durham, NC! The city of medicine (famous for research, etc.)
Should also be famous for its infinite supply of one-way streets and roads that are named Chapel Hill.

The beautiful Duke Gardens.
Practically next door to my apartment building. I spent a great deal of time wandering in these gardens.

The Japanese iris in bloom.

The view out from beneath the cool shade of a wisteria-covered gazebo.

The sculpted shores of the central pond, filled with ducks and turtles.

A few of the many resident ducks -- they are practically tame.

My Apartment

Home sweet home was the ground floor apartment in this "beautiful" apartment building. Actually, I was glad to have a place so conveniently close on campus, and it was pretty spacious for a two-person apartment. I have to admit that it was sadly lacking in the comfortable furniture department, though.
The Levine Science Research Center

And here is my "home" for my ten weeks at Duke University - the LSRC. Actually one of the first buildings I found on campus. Unfortunately, finding my way back a second time proved more challenging.


Carla and I (yeah, that's me on the right)

The joint DMP group from Duke and NC State. Diana, my roommate for the summer, is standing to the left of me. We had lunch at a Cuban restaurant in Raleigh. Mmm..Pan Cubano...

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