Me and My Roommate Laura

Laura and I realized that we didn't have any pictures from the whole summer so to make up for it we went on a little adventure.  We ran around like crazy and took a bunch of pictures.
Our plates were the center of attention  :)  cause they're so pretty.

Just hanging out in our house

We work inside this building on the second floor.
Want to know something funny?  We almost got a parking ticket while taking this picture.  We had parked just right out front because we knew that it would only take a second, but in just one second, a parking patrol person came right up to the car and started writing us up.  Luckily Laura saw the guy and ran over there to explain what we were doing.  We gave him a sob story... that I was leaving and I wanted to take some pictures before I left.  :)  It's totally true, but kind of funny.  At least we got out of the parking ticket.

We found this cute little statue along the waterfront

Laura and I showing off our really cool plates in front of one of the many covered bridges in Corvallis.

Ssshhh... we're blending in with the rug.  Can you see us?
hehe... Yeah, I bet it's the camouflage that we have on!

Silly Silly Silly!

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