Who is My Mentor?

Dr. Margaret Burnett (or if you know her, Peggy) started out as an undergraduate at Miami University (where I did my internship last summer, what a coincidence!) in mathematics but she said she had always been curious about computer science.  After working for awhile, she went back to school to get her masters in computer science at University of Kansas.  Later she decided she wanted to teach and so Peggy went back to school for her PhD.

Peggy is a wealth of knowledge, invaluable to her students and to her field of visual programming languages.  She has written many papers involving end user software engineering, many of which can be found on her web site.  Peggy has a passion for computer science that I believe is contagious because everyone who works with her seems to be happy and excited to do the work.

Before coming here this summer I was apprehensive and didn't know what to expect, but Peggy really helped put me at ease.  She's energetic and enthusiastic.  She has been nothing but wonderful and  I've gotten so much advice and guidance this summer.  I really value her opinion.
Thank you for being my mentor Dr. Burnett.
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