My mentor for the summer is Maria Gini. She does research in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. If you want to know more about her look at her website. Of course, you can't learn everything from a nice formal webpage. So here are some things I learned about Dr.Gini this summer.
  • Her husband is Dr. Dan Boley. He works upstairs and likes math a lot which is probably why he's a Numerical Analysis guy. He also likes Distributed Computing.

  • She likes good food. For example she went to get Jessamy a cake for her birthday and came back with Carrot Cake and Cheese Cake because the other stuff just looked bad.

  • She loves Italy. She was there for a good deal of our summer. I think her Mom still lives there. She also knows what type of food you should try in the different regions. (If I go to Italy I'll have to remember to talk to her first)

  • She's a VI person and I like you can imagine that caused some debate :)

  • She doesn't like murky water. We were going to a lake to go swimming and she wrinkled up her nose. Apparently she only likes water where you can see all the way to the bottom. Which means she won't be swimming in Minnesota.

  • She dislikes extreme temperatures. I noted that she really disliked the humidity and heat when she was here and also heard her complain about the cold.

  • She keeps different schedule than my professors at home. She comes in at 10 (at the earliest) and usually eats dinner at about 10 at night. Not the normal 8 to 5

  • She likes to laugh. She laughed at all the stories Jessamy and I told. She laughed at me when I was learning to solder (really badly I might mention). She even laughed when Frank wore a skirt to lab. (It was skirt day, don't ask).