About My Mentor


Name: Lixin Gao
School: UMASS - Amherst
Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Research Group: Multimedia Networking and Internet Lab
Contact Info:


211B Knowles Engineering Building

Research Interests:
  • On Enhancing the Stability and Scalability of the Internet Routing
  • Scalable Quality-of-Service Control for the Next Generation Internet
  • Providing Interactive VOD Services in Multicast Networks
  • Continuous Media Proxy Services in Wide-Area Networks
  • Internet Infrastructure Security
Other Interests:


and also ...


On this page I should rightfully mention two professors from Mount Holyoke College who have been my mentors and inspiration this year - Sami Rollins and Lisa Ballesteros. I have received incredible support from them and would have not made it to the CRA-W mentor project without their recommendations and encouragement. I look forward to working with both of them during my time at Mount Holyoke.

For links to Lisa's and Sami's web pages please visit the Links page.


Lixin Gao

Sami Rollins

Lisa Ballesteros


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