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Institutions: Mount Holyoke College CS Department at MHC UMASS - Amherst Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept. at UMASS CRA - W DMP


People: Lixin Gao - my summer mentor at UMASS Sami Rollins - professor at MHC Lisa Ballesteros - professor at MHC Vinod Namboodiri - the graduate student I am working with Deni Tilkidjieva - student at MHC doing CS research; great page  Natalie Podrazik - another DMP student working in the CS department at UMASS


Reference Materials/Tutorials
Java Tutorial
Socket Prgramming in Java
Various Tutorials
Microcontroller Beginner Kit
Intro to Bluetooth
Home networking with Zigbee
ZigBee Articles
Article on Bluetooth & Java APIs - part 1
Article on Bluetooth & Java APIs - part 2
Very informative in general
Overview of GPS technology
JeodeRuntime documentation (*Jeode is a Java platform for iPAQ's)
An article about Jeode on the Compaq iPAQ
Another article on the merits of the Jeode Platform
A master's thesis on work with iPAQ's and Jeode 




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