Week 3 โ€” Website prototype

In addition to cleaning the data to get insight into the most common interventions and outcomes both overall and for certain conditions, I am starting some webpage prototypes for a potential interface people could use to search and interact with this information. It's only in the beginning stages, but ideas are being tossed around regarding the best way to organize the information and how to allow people to give us feedback on the data.


A group of summer students at Penn took an excursion to one of Philly's escape room experiences. The one I partipcated in was called The Dig and was a sort of archaelogist mystery. Unfortunately, we got the time wrong and showed up 20 minutes late, so we didn't end up completing it, but we came close... Surely if we had had that extra 20 minutes we would've had it... At least it was fun and I got to see a good view of the river on my walk there.