Week 2 โ€” First steps

During my first full week, I took my first steps into parsing the data. I downloaded a set of over 200k XML files of clinical studies and iterated through them and placed them in a MongoDB. It took a few tries to establish a structure that would let me query it the way I needed to, but I eventually got there and had three collections in my database. One for trials and counts per condition, one for interventions and associated conditions, and one for outcomes and their associated conditions. I then made some tables to present to Dr. Nenkova and we selected five conditions to focus on when viewing the data.


My friend from my hometown (near Cincinnati) visited me this weekend and we walked a bit around town and came across an "above ground park." Unfortunately, it isn't quite finished yet, but it was a nice view nonetheless. We also walked all the way to 30th Street Station just so I could get another soft pretzel, because the UPenn location is closed on the weekends. It was worth it. We even got to swing on some swings by the station.