Week 1 โ€” Meeting Penn, my professor, and my project

I moved into Harnwell College House on Sunday evening, and had Monday (Memorial Day) to get settled in before meeting with Dr. Nenkova Tuesday morning. On Tuesday, the other student working with my mentor and I spent the entirety of the day doing administrative tasks, like getting our Penn cards. The remainder of the week was spent getting a broad understanding of the ultimate goal of the project. In essence, the project will aim to parse through colossal amounts of medical literature and aggregate the different interventions, associated outcome measures, and exclusion criteria (i.e. the populations that are not eligible to participate in the clinical study) for a given condition.


My First Philly Adventure was just me walking a few blocks away from my dorm to go to the UPenn Philly Pretzel Factory location. After researching them online, I found that they are a nut-free establishment, and since nut-free establishments are few and far between, I had to go. I got a regular pretzel, a cinnamon pretzel, and chocolate dipping sauce. Needless to say it was delicious, but I pretty much feel that way about all soft pretzels.