University of New Mexico

My name is Manuel G. Meraz and I am a Junior at the University of California, Merced. I am a part of the School of Engineering majoring in Computer Science & Engineering and expected to graduate Spring 2018.

My final presentation can be found here.

My major interests are robots, outdoor exploration, powerlifting, philosophy, music, and cycling. I was originally on track to be a physicist, until I started to program in college and really enjoyed the fact that it had turned into a creative outlet for me. This led to me participating in the 2016 NASA Swarmathon Competition and getting into programming swarmies!

My mentor’s name is Dr. Melanie Moses and works for the department of Computer Science at the University of Mexico. She’s an amazing and inspirational person who has given me the opportunity to work in her lab during the summer of 2016. If you’d like to find out more about her specifically, here‘s her website.

Other people I’d like to recognize whom I closely worked with: