Week 3

The data that I will be trying the recommender techniques on still needs some preparation, so I didn't really get to work with it this week. But there is still plenty of reading material to keep me busy, and I've been able to write down some specific approaches that I would like to try and compare, so I will be ready to start working on it next week. I've even started writing up some of the code and testing it with fake data just to make sure that it works, though this can't give me much insight into whether these algorithms are really appropriate for this data. On Friday morning, I took a break from working on this and acted as a greeter for a participating family, helping them secure parking and taking them to the correct building and room. There were two children, a boy who participated in the research, and a girl whom I babysat in the meantime. It was lots of fun, and I would not at all mind doing it again in the future.