Week 10

This week, I got to try out the norms that Nicole told me about, though I still wasn't able to improve upon the success rate of recommending the most common words. However, in analyzing the different results from all of the algorithms that I tried, I was able to find and document some interesting patterns, both in accuracy and variance trends, and in the actual recommendations made by the algorithms. This week was dedicated almost entirely to analysis of the the results.

Christine and I were not able to stay in campus housing anymore this week, so Christine stayed with a friend, and I stayed with a very nice lady whom I met through Airbnb.

On Friday, Christine and I went to lunch with Professor Colunga and Tatyana. We went to a great Thai food place that Professor Colunga has taken us to a couple of times during the summer. It was great to go back there one last time before we left and have one final lunch with our mentor and our fellow researcher.