Name: Adetomiwa O.Oguntuga (Tom)

School: University of Houston-Downtown

Department:Computer and Mathematical Sciences

Major: Computer Science.

Grade Level: Junior.

Expected Graduation Date: Fall 2011

Email address:

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Project Overview

The observation of natural systems has layed

the foundation for evolutionary computation.Observations from

these studies have been utilizied in diverse

engineering applications such as aircraft design,

signal processing, analysis of multiparameter functions, etc.

This summer i will be working with

Professor Melanie Mose and her team of biology

Grad students at the University of New Mexico

on a Ant Foraging Simulation(AFS) program.

I will be responsible for running the AFS

and writing a program to analyze the data generated by AFS.

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Final Report

My Mentor

Name:Melanie E. Moses

Assistant Professor

School:University of New Mexico

Department:Computer Science Department

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