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DREU Blog: Week 10

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Monday July 26th

Today I started working on my final report which is basically a paper describing the research I have done this summer. I also made some minor modifications to my plotting a line tutorial.

Tuesday July 27th

Today I wrote the rest of my final report. At the end of the day, I gave a first draft to Professor Rodger so she could look it over and give me suggestions. I also started making description pages for some of the example worlds. They basically explain how I made the world without going into as much detail as a tutorial.

Wednesday July 28th

Today was the last day in the office. We have a workshop tomorrow and Friday. Professor gave me my paper back with some suggestions. I talked about each of the worlds I've made but for some reason I complete forgot about the cooking world. I also forgot to write a conclusion (although I may have done that subconsciously since I hate writing conclusions). I added both of those sections, made some other modifications, and gave another copy to Professor Rodger. Although it has been tedious writing it, it feels good to have everything I have done down on paper. I wish that meant that when someone asks me what I did this summer I could say "Here, read this paper." Unfortunately, I don't think many people would have the patience to read an 8 page explanation. Nevertheless, it feels nice to have it done and hopefully I won't have to make that many more revisions before I submit my final copy to the CRA.

Thursday, July 29th

This week there has a been an engineering workshop for teachers. Today and tomorrow we will be teaching them how to use Alice. It was a little bit different since we are teaching beginners how to use Alice in only two days. This group seems to be moving along pretty quickly though.

Friday, July 30th

I presented part 3 of the tutorial today (which I think is the longest one). I showed them all the worlds I've made this summer as well. I'm also finishing up my paper and have to submit my website to the CRA. Today is my last day. It is very bittersweet. I am very excited to go home but this summer has been a such a great experience.