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~Week 8~

July 20 - July 24

Since PGmeans gives me information on the optimal clusters it calculates and not information on which nodes are in which cluster, I worked on creating some code that would give me that information. I decided to write a program that will calculate the cluster each node is closest to and output the closest cluster, the node number (1,2,...,max), and node information (x,y,z,v) to a textfile. I decided to write this program in Matlab so that it could be added to the Matlab script that I previously wrote. Furthermore, I managed to get my Matlab results integrated with the UAS code. Basically for this step, I replaced the Kmeans data structures used for the clusters with the data structures I created to store the values I was getting from Matlab via the PGmeans code. I also started working on and finished completing the abstract, introduction, and related work sections of my final paper. This week, I also gave a presentation at the REU Brown Bag Lunch. I personally thought I did a good job.


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